Our Philosophy

The most important financial achievement individuals can reach for is to grow their net worth. By focusing on this simple metric a person can measure their progress year by year, and in the process greatly increase their probability of reaching financial independence..

We also recognize that there is more to an individual’s net worth than the value of their retirement accounts or how much real estate they own. Their net worth also encompasses their hopes and dreams for the future. These visions, while not easily quantified, are every bit as important as the hard facts and figures that one may associate with the concept of net worth.

To that end, Northwest Wealth Advisors focuses its business philosophy on helping clients increase their net worth in two important ways. First there is the business of establishing a comprehensive plan that encompasses every aspect of the client’s life. We find out what is important about money to each of our clients, and then build a plan that encompasses their values, goals and aspirations and also helps them stay on track. Besides the all important hard data that is loaded into the plan, we also have a comprehensive suite of tools to help in the goal setting process that encompasses the 5 aspects of a balanced life.

The second critical component of growing net worth is a comprehensive investment management process. This process involves time tested techniques of asset allocation along with a disciplined trend-following approach that keeps our clients in the market during good times and out of the market during bad times. This 2 pronged approach is very effective in reducing costs, managing cash flow and enhancing investment gains that ultimately will result in growing the client’s net worth.